I started working with leather about 50 years ago.
My family were saddlers and cobblers so I was actually bought up in the trade.
I have been connected with the pet industry all my life from breed showing,
Obedience training / showing 
And many other aspect of training. 

 I have commissioned numerous things from full size and miniature Western Saddles.
 Tooled Bike Seats for Harley Davidson's and many specialised items 
 such as; Washers for Wells to Gaiters for Russian Army  trucks.

Jewlnick Leather  is a Husband  & Wife run business.

We're customers satisfaction is important to us.

The main product we sell today is Swarovski  crystal Dog Collars and Leads.

Plain Collars and Leads, Tracking Lines, Harnesses.

 Anything you need and any style you require.

 We try to oblige to your needs.

 Made using English Leather

 Solid Brass  or Nickel Fittings  all HAND stitched.

We make every thing ourselves. 
we have also a wide range of dog toys and interactive toys which we also make our selves.

We are at a Shows all round the country
you are most welcome to come and see some Bespoke Collars
 that you won't be able to buy anywhere else
 And there is only one of a kind on some of them!

We have Crystal Leads for every day and also stunning Show Leads.  

If you have a particular style and cant find it, try us we might be able to make it for you.

We also sell Cow Hide Sheep Skin Rugs, Belts dog toys made by or selves ,
Treats,  dog beds.
Show Leads and accessories

And much more.

If there's anything you need and can't  find it give us a ring we might be able to help