Hand-Made Claytons Leather Police (Training) Dog Lead Bleed Knot and Stitched

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Stunning hand-made Clayton Leather Police Training  Dog Leads

Police dog training lead for multi-purpose use

with two trigger hooks may be used in two variants,

as a longer or shorter dog lead.

If you fasten the trigger hook closer to a dog,

you get a loop, that may be worn as a belt or on a shoulder and make your

hands free.

You may use it for walking of two dogs. Fasten 2 trigger hooks to dog collars or


All our leather and fitting are manufactured locally in the UK

This leather is very soft and durable

It has a natural oil in the leather so as not to crack or split if it gets wet and will

not go stiff and hard.

It is a nice lead to hold without making your hands sore if you have a strong


It is very strong and hard wearing

Available in Black and Brown

3 widths  3/8",1/2"and 5/8" 

With either Brass or Nickel fittings

This is a lead you will love !!!
You can have them with either a bleed knot or hand stitched  
As standard these are 6.5 ft in length Might  vary due to length of the hide I cut 
all items are hand cut and hand Sewn 

Available in 3 widths 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" and with either Brass or Nickel fittings


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Condition New