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NEW Soft Fleece Martingale Collars with a Silk Butterfly front with Top class crystal
The width of these are roughly 1 1/2" may vary slightly 
Pictures show Dark Blue Fleece with Blue Ribbon, Cerise Pink Fleece with Ivory Ribbon and Purple Webbing Strap and Yellow Fleece with Ivory Ribbon and Purple Webbing Strap
Please ensure you complete your Dogs neck and skull size for these - please be aware once made they are not adjustable and will therefore not go any smaller than the size given but will increase 3 inches to allow to pass overhead
We manufacture all these collars our self here in the UK to ensure high-quality materials are used every time.
Martingale collars can be used on any breed of dog but a generally used on hound dogs
How a Martingale Collar Works
A Martingale Collar is a special type of dog collar that helps a dog stay comfortable and happy while being completely secure on its leash. One of the most frequent questions we're asked is "How does a martingale collar work?". This article demonstrates through explanations and illustrations the Martingale collars were originally used only on breeds with small skulls.
A method by which a martingale style collar can keep your dog securely collared, safe from choking, and stylish.
How it Works
A martingale collar is made with two loops. The large loop, which is usually adjustable in size, is placed around the dogs neck and adjusted to fit loosely. The leash is then clipped to the D ring on the small loop, also known as the control loop.
When the dog tries to pull their head out of the collar, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taut, which makes the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck-- preventing escape. When adjusted properly the dog is never choked, but the collar stays snug around the dog's neck (just behind the ears) until the pressure is released.
This illustration shows how the large loop on a martingale contracts inward when the control loop is pulled outward.
Reasons to try a Martingale Collar:
When not engaged by a taunt leash, fits looser than traditional collars, lessening fur breakage, tangles, and skin irritation from too tight collars.
A martingale style collar gives a more gentle form of correction than a choke collar and is recommended by many top trainers for obedience training.
Relieves pressure on your dog's trachea by translating a tug on the leash to even pressure around the neck instead of direct pressure on the front of the neck.
Prevents escape of scared, aggressive, or excited dogs by securely contracting the entire collar when the dog pulls in any direction.
Why is it called a Martingale Collar?
A martingale collar should perhaps be known as a "Martingale Style Collar". Not taking its name from a trademarked, the martingale dog collar got its name because of the similarity it bears to an article of horse tack known as a martingale. Horse martingales use a similar action to prevent a horse from raising their head dangerously high while being ridden.
The Advantages of Martingale Collars over Standard Collars:
The problem with standard buckle collars is that for the collar to be tight enough that it can't slip over the ears when pulled forward by a dog backing up, it must be uncomfortably tight all the time. A martingale collar allows the dog to wear a comfortably loose Collar that is only tight when it needs to be tight.



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Hand-Made Soft Fleece Martingale Dog Collars with Butterfly Front & TOP-class Crystal

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