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Rabbit Skin Touch
Rabbit Skin Touch
Rabbit Skin Touch
Rabbit Skin Touch
Rabbit Skin Touch

Product Description



Our Touch and Go Training Pods are ideal for teaching the contact points on the seesaw and dog walk.  The pod is especially good for dogs who prefer food based rewards.
Also good for teaching the send away in obedience and even recalls to the front of you as the elastic strap can be easily adjusted to wear around the waist.
The pods best feature is the fully adjustable elastic strap enabling it to be fitted on the very end of the contact points. The pod will snugly hold  single or multiple treats.
The stuffing in the pod grips the treat holding it in place even when the seesaw bangs to the ground.
The pod encourages your dog to drive to the end of the seesaw/dog walk to get the reward.

Made with real rabbit fur and a waterproof middle so it can be easily wiped clean.
The pod comes in two sizes, the small one is better for smaller dogs as we found the larger one may encourage your dog to jump over it or jump off the side rather than running over it when leaving the contact.
When ordering you will have the option to buy  the strapless hand held throw pod for  your release reward off the contact.


4" treat area approx

2" high approx

Large Size

4" treat area approx

3" high approx

Made by Jewlnick leather here in the UK

Safety Information

This products is for interaction and training between you and your dog, they should not be left with the dog to chew - they are not chew toys and are not indestructible! If the toy becomes damaged please dispose of immediately.

                                               Second class postage is free to main land UK only


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Rabbit Skin Touch "N" Go Pods

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